We offer robust and scalable solutions for customers worldwide under the following technology areas.

  • Network Stacks and Streaming Protocols
  • Multi-media Codecs (Video, Audio and Voice)
  • Multi-media File Formats used for Streaming Applications
  • IP Phone Stack
  • Data Modems
  • Communication Software
  • Application Development
  • Software Testing

Project Offerings

Image Processing

Super Resolution Reconstruction
  • Technique to increase the resolution of an image beyond the resolving power of the image system
  • Apply Resizing Algorithm, if needed
    • Scale factors supported : 4x,16x
  • Apply post – processing, if needed
    • De–blurring / De-blocking
    • De–noising & Edge enhancements
    • Image sharpening & Un-sharp masking
    • Contrast enhancement
    • Skin tone detection

Network Stacks and Streaming

RTSP Server / Client
  • Supports WebM and MOV container formats
  • Supports VP8 and H.264 video
  • Supports Vorbis and AAC audio
  • Supports RTP packetization
  • Server source can be a file or a live stream
  • Client sink can be a file or player
Relay Server
  • Operates as central node between RTP / RTSP Streaming Server and Player
  • Offloads the authenticating and accounting tasks from the streamer
  • Facilitates low speed links to the remote camera end
  • Reduces the complexity at the camera end to handle numerous clients
  • Centralized storage option at the relay server
  • Retrieval of stored video content for viewing later

Multimedia Codecs – Voice

  • Compliant to 3GPP2 standards
  • EVRC-B: Supports service option 3 & 68
  • EVRC-C or EVRC-WB : Supports service option 3, 68 & 70
  • Reference code taken from 3GPP2 site
  • C level optimization for reduction of the following
    • Data Memory
    • MCPS
    • Code Size
  • Porting to CEVA-X162x platform
  • Assembly coding of cycles critical modules for MCPS reduction
iLBC on CEVA-X162x
  • Compliant to RFC 3951
  • Reference code taken from
  • Conversion from floating to fixed point arithmetic
  • C level optimization for reduction of the following
    • Data Memory
    • MCPS
    • Code Size
  • Porting to CEVA-X162x platform
  • Assembly coding of cycles critical modules for MCPS reduction
ITU G.711.1, G.723.1A, G.726, G.727, G.729AB
  • Compliant to ITU G.7xx standards
  • Reference code taken from ITU site
  • Code cleanup and C level optimization
  • Porting to DSP (C64x / dsPIC33F / BlackFin ) platform
  • Assembly coding of cycle critical modules for MCPS reduction
  • Includes relevant VoIP gateway modules
    • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
    • Voice Activity Detector (VAD)
    • Comfort Noise Generator (CNG)
    • Line Echo Canceller (LEC – G.168 compliant)

Multimedia Codecs – Audio

Developed on Microchip PIC32 platform
  • Sub Band Audio Encoder and Decoder
    • Compliant to A2DP Bluetooth Audio
    • Supports High quality Audio over Asynchronous connectionless channels
  • MP3 Audio Decoder
    • Compliant to ISO III72
    • Supports full accuracy with 24 bit precision
    • Available with 16 bit and 24 bit output
  • AAC-LC Audio Decoder
    • Compliant to ISO I4496 part 4
    • Highly optimized code
    • Small memory footprint
  • Vorbis Encoder and Decoder
    • Golden reference C version available
  • RTP Packetization and Depacketization
    • Vorbis audio
    • RFC 3119 – MP3
    • RFC 3016 – MPEG4 AAC
    • RFC 3287 – GSM AMR

Multimedia Codecs – Video and Image

  • H.264 Video Encoder and Decoder
  • VP8 Video Encoder and Decoder
  • RTP Packetization and Depacketization
    • VP8 Video
    • H.264
    • MPEG4
  • Video Analytics
    • Object Detection
    • Size Estimation
    • Color Detection

Burst Mode Modem

  • Custom Build Burst Mode Modem
    • To transfer short burst of bits
    • Resilient to noisy environment
    • Requires short training
    • Automated test bench


  • Parsing of WebM file to provide de-multiplexed VP8 and Vorbis streams
  • RTP /RTSP client to receive VP8 and Vorbis streams from a WebM file available at the WebM Streaming server
  • Transfer of de-multiplexed VP8 and Vorbis streams to a local player over USB interface
  • Entire application developed and tested on Android 2.3.4

Service Phases

Our customers employ our value additions for a wide spectrum of services ranging from testing to overall project management and executions by leveraging our IT skill sourcing capabilities.

In addition we offer any combinations of the following phases as per the customer’s requirement –

  • Requirements Capture
  • Project Planning
  • Architecture and Design
  • Implementation and Unit Testing
  • Review Process
  • System Integration and Testing
  • QA Testing
  • Repository Maintenance
  • Release Engineering
  • Maintenance and support

Service Model

Managed / Fixed-bid Projects

Adeptte provides comprehensive end-to-end software development services where the scope and requirements of the project are clearly definable at project initiation. All the engagement models consist of a team lead by a Project Manager who will be the contact person. The project manager keeps the customer posted periodically on the status of the project to ensure appropriate visibility and project control.

On-Site Project Staffing

Adeptte’s on-site project staffing services under our technology practice areas provides our clients with the highly skilled professionals – teams of developers, tech-leads, project managers and solutions architect.

Time Material Consulting

Adeptte has a resource base consisting of engineers with software development expertise spanning a wide spectrum of core technology to application and console development. Customers have a single point of contact to assign the responsibilities and they also can access each and every team member for complete transparency and tighter project control.

Offshore Dedicated Center

Adeptte offers Offshore Dedicated Centers (ODC) for customers with long-term, scalable development needs. ODCs provide dedicated facility and resources for the client.

About Us


About Us Adeptte Microsystems is a young dynamic company focusing on delivering embedded software engineering services and solutions to technology companies worldwide. Adeptte Microsystems is a privately funded company with a team of highly skilled engineers from reputed institutions who have brought their rich diverse knowledge in various technological domains through their prior relevant experience. The vanguards of the company are experienced professionals who have already established companies successfully and have proved their mettle at various senior management levels in various organizations.

Adeptte attributes its success to the engineering team whose fervid enthusiasm is the inspiration in achieving its mission. Our broad expertise, constant endeavor and relentless pursuit in Digital signal processing, multimedia codecs and file formats, Networking stacks and streaming protocols helps us to provide best in class solutions to our customers. Our solutions approach focuses on the dynamic synchronization of our customer’s business strategy with state-of-the-art technology.


  • Multimedia Codecs and File Format
  • Network Stacks and Streaming Protocols
  • Embedded Systems and Applications
  • Streaming Protocols
  • Android
  • Testing



Careers At Adeptte, you are more than just another employee in just another large organization. Adeptte recognizes you as an individual with skills and ambitions. At Adeptte, your talents are honed, your contributions are recognized, and your every achievement is valued.

Working at Adeptte is learner-centric, aligned to customer needs and business goals. We identify emerging technologies and methodologies and adopt them through skill acquisition programs.