Multimedia Codecs and File Format

  • Enhanced AAC plus Audio Encoder
  • RealAudio Decoder
  • Ogg Vorbis Encoder and Decoder
  • SBC (Bluetooth A2DP) Audio Encoder and Decoder
  • HE-AAC Encoder and Decoder
  • LC-AAC Encoder and Decoder
  • MP3 Audio Encoder and Decoder
  • MPEG Layer 1 & 2 Audio Encoder and Decoder
Image & Video
  • VP8 Video Encoder and Decoder
  • H.264 Baseline Encoder and Decoder
    • Support for scalable video coding
    • Multichannel capable Decoders to facilitate decode and display multiple video streams
  • JPEG Encoder
  • Image Resizing
  • Image Enhancement Solution
  • Video Analytics Solution
  • Audio Video Synchronization
  • ITU G.7xx Codecs
  • iLBC Codec
  • Royalty free Speex Codec
    • Narrowband (8000Hz)@5950, 8000,11000 bps
    • Wideband (16000Hz)@ 9.8 and 12.80kbps
File Formats
  • WebM File Parser and Creator
  • 3GPP2 / MP4 / MOV file Parser and Creator
  • AVI file Parser and Creator
  • ASF file Parser and Creator

Network Stacks and Streaming Protocols

  • RTP Server – Client
    • Support Unicast and Multicast
    • Packers and Depackers for various Codecs
    • Adaptive Playout Buffer and Error Resilience
  • RTSP Server – Player
    • Supports Authentication
  • RTSP Relay Server
  • Audio Video Streamer – Player
    • Audio Video Synchronization

Embedded Systems and Applications

Adeptte Microsystems has rich experience in developing firmware and embedded applications for a diverse range of products. Adeptte’s embedded expertise covers application development and customization over various RTOS platforms.

Our expertise includes:

  • Device Drivers
  • Firmware Development
  • Board Support Package Development
  • Virtualization
  • Proficiency on RTOS – RT Linux, FREE RTOS, Mu C Linux and Win CE
  • Console and GUI Development
  • Web Interface
  • Web Server
  • Hyper Terminal
  • HTTP Proxy Development
  • Database – SQL, Oracle

Streaming Protocols

  • TCP/IP Stack (RFC 793)
  • RTSP Stack (RFC 2326)
  • RTP/RTCP Stack (RFC 3550 & 3551)
    • RFC – VP8
    • RFC – Ogg Vorbis
    • RFC 4629 – H.263 Video
    • RFC 4629 – H.263 Video
    • RFC 3984 – H.264 Video
    • RFC 3016 – MPEG4 Video and AAC Audio
    • RFC 3119 – MP3 Audio
    • RFC 3287 – AMR Voice
  • SIP/SDP Stack (RFC 3261)
    • RFC 2543, RFC 2327, RFC 3264, RFC 3263


  • WebM Parser
  • Native Library Porting
  • Media Frameworks

PCB Design and Development

  • Analog and Digital design support
  • Microcontroller interface board design and development
  • Customized PCB design


  • Software Testing
    • Software Development Life Cycle, Standards & Procedures
    • Testing Techniques
    • Test case Design
    • Automated Tools
    • Database Testing (MS-SQL Server)
    • Non-Functional Testing
  • Database
    • MS-SQL Server 2005

Processor and Tools

Our team is proficient on the following processers and their related software development tools.

Texas Instruments

Code Composer Studio

TMS320C55xx TMS320C64xx (DM 642)

Analog Devices Blackfin

Visual DSP

BF533 BF561



X1620 Teak TeakLite TeakLite-II TeakLite-III



dsPIC30F dsPIC33F


Metrowerks RealView

Cypress 80C31


Our team is also proficient in Spirent Avalanche and HTTP Traffic Generator.

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Careers At Adeptte, you are more than just another employee in just another large organization. Adeptte recognizes you as an individual with skills and ambitions. At Adeptte, your talents are honed, your contributions are recognized, and your every achievement is valued.

Working at Adeptte is learner-centric, aligned to customer needs and business goals. We identify emerging technologies and methodologies and adopt them through skill acquisition programs.



We offer robust and scalable solutions for customers worldwide under the following technology areas.

  • Network Stacks and Streaming Protocols
  • Multi-media Codecs (Video, Audio and Voice)
  • Multi-media File Formats used for Streaming Applications
  • IP Phone Stack
  • Data Modems
  • Communication Software

About Us


About Us Adeptte Microsystems is a young dynamic company focusing on delivering embedded software engineering services and solutions to technology companies worldwide. Adeptte Microsystems is a privately funded company with a team of highly skilled engineers from reputed institutions who have brought their rich diverse knowledge in various technological domains through their prior relevant experience. The vanguards of the company are experienced professionals who have already established companies successfully and have proved their mettle at various senior management levels in various organizations.

Adeptte attributes its success to the engineering team whose fervid enthusiasm is the inspiration in achieving its mission. Our broad expertise, constant endeavor and relentless pursuit in Digital signal processing, multimedia codecs and file formats, Networking stacks and streaming protocols helps us to provide best in class solutions to our customers. Our solutions approach focuses on the dynamic synchronization of our customer’s business strategy with state-of-the-art technology.